Improve performance through email analysis from Glasner Consulting.  We help clients to understand their subscribers using statistical analysis for segmentation, subscriber profiles and personas, testing plans for continuous improvement and much more.  Make sure your next testing effort reaches significance, both statistically and financially.

Program Reviews

Our program reviews are our most requested projects especially among large national retailers. This in-depth investigation of your email program looks at several key areas such including Automated Messaging, Content & Creative, Deliverability, Email Data & Performance and finally Tools & Vendor Utilization.  Most clients that have program reviews come back to Glasner Consulting for an implementation phase.

Customized Email Data Analysis

We analyze your subscriber level data using valid statistical techniques, some areas of analysis are:

  • Reach & Frequency Analysis uses your email data to determine how often to mail and to who.  Use reach and frequency to determine when to send re-engagement, and when to dump dead subscribers.  Works best if we have multiple years of open and click history broken out by subscribers to complete.
  • Personas & Profiling – We combine our frequency and cadence analysis with clustering to build subscriber personas.  Work with clients to extract existing data, using progressive profiling to get more data and help with reputable sources for data appends to fill in the gaps.  In addition to open, click and conversion data, we will also need demographics and customer KPIs to build robust personas.
  • Subscriber Segmentation – Go beyond just sending to recent actives vs. in-actives to build segmentation and frequency to increase purchase intent.