The Email Marketing Audit from Glasner Consulting provides a comprehensive review of your email marketing program. We review all aspects of your email program from analytics to trigger messages, using your data to build recommendations to improve program performance and identifying cost-cutting opportunities.

The Email Marketing Program Review looks at six areas of your email program, in depth

Email Performance section reviews your historical email and business metrics. Email Metrics are indicators such as bounces, opens and clicks, while business metrics are indicators such as conversions, revenue per email, and new customers acquired

Email Creative section reviews your email creative and the HTML/CSS code that supports it. Creative is sent to email render testing services to see how your creative looks across email apps and devices.  We also do pixel tests to see what email clients and devices are used by subscribers.

Email List Management section looks at how the subscriber database is managed, reviewing areas such as list growth, permission practices/basic compliance, and signup process.

Email Trigger Messaging section reviews all your automated email programs such as welcome, abandoned cart, review requests and thank you campaigns in-depth.  From checking that APIs are properly transferring data, to conditional logic that fires the email and finally review all the creative used in the each of the automations and their performance.

Email Deliverability section of the email marketing audit looks at whether your emails are reaching the inbox.  Here we review many of the technical aspects of your email program such as SPF, DKIM and DMARC records and blacklist checks and analyzes data from the email performance and list hygiene sections using a deliverability perspective.

Most of the sections listed here can be broken out into smaller projects to fit with smaller budgets or address specific areas of email marketing.   Contact us to learn more.